Fall into these NEW ✨ Liquid Lipstick Lip Paint shades!

Fall into these NEW ✨ Liquid Lipstick Lip Paint shades!

Fall is here and, so are our 10 NEW  Lip Paint shades. They are giving very much fall vibes with shades ranging from berries to jewel and, a bit of coral.



Lip Paintz $18


I remember the first time I ever wore a bright toned lippie. I must've been about 11 years old and it was for my birthday party. I remember having my curly waist-length hair out, all frizzy and wild. Feeling so grown! lol My mom was fighting with me all day to take it off and I didn't. I felt like Selena ( I loved that girl lol). I also never wore a bright lippie like that again until I was late in my 20's. 

I was always so self conscious about rockin' bright lip shades because I had a gap and my lips were wide and big to Me. I felt like... why attract any more attention to those thangs. Let's not even get started on my miniature gap that forever felt and looked like if you put a couple chains on them they'd be wide enough for a bridge lmfao! smh the things we say to ourselves to help us not be our best selves.

These days, you can catch rockin' the shxt out of some crazy colors like grey, black, blue and green. I LOVE pairing "Selena's" and "Drippin'" or Drippin'" and "Heartbreak Hotel". I'll even go as far as pairing "Bella Bih" and "Noir". It's the dimension for Me. 


Makeup is an expression of SELF! Splash a little Confidence over your fit and add a bomb lip and you'll be a whole vibe!




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