Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Hey guys 🥶 my name is Stephanie, better known as Naturally Bella via social media platforms. I am a Content Creator turned Entrepreneur. I took the frequently asked questions from strangers, friends, and family and created content around those questions where I would answer them in video or image form. 

Naturally Bella 

After about 2 years of promoting my favorite products whether it be skin, makeup, hair or apparel... I decided “why not have My own Beauty and Fashion products or pieces”, and so... I created PRAV.

The Beauty about PRAV is the way the struggles of others and myself inspired me to create products that look, and feel amazing on EVERYONE - no matter their complexion or undertones.

Our mission is to “Exude comfortability in Confidence”  

PRAV is CONFIDENCE! Confidence to wear the lipstick that makes you feel it’s obnoxious, the highlighter that’s too bright, those dramatic lashes, and that 2-piece your mommy pouch or FUPA makes you self conscious about - PRAV is for the non-believer, the over-thinker, and the person(s) who need that friend to hype them up and make them feel like the Baddest Bih on the planet! 

Enough of me rambling lol ‘cause I’ll be here all day! Thank You for stopping by My shop. Thank you for supporting my dreams. Most importantly for trusting Me enough to shop the products You helped curate. There really would be no PRAV without You! 




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