is a brand intended to inspire young black and brown women from the Bronx to pursue artistic ventures through the Beauty industry, which has historically excluded men and women of darker complexions


    effortlessly blend and set your makeup

  • Waterproof brows?!

    You read right! Our ultra thin duo-sided brow pencils give reliable!

    Available in 5 waterproof shades.


    6 beautiful high vibrant pigmented pans, perfect for all skin tones. Click here to see it up close and ...

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  • The glue pen you didn’t know you needed …

    Use with any style lash style. Beginner-friendly.

  • PRAVBABE @curlygirlpri wearing our luxury mink haired strip lashes in the style “Nude”

  • PRAVBABE @_jrod_ wearing our luxury mink haired strip lashes in the style “Nude”

  • PRAVBABE @lifewithashleighm wearing our luxury mink haired strip lashes in the style “Nude”

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Unleash your inner Bella

Naturally Bella hand-picked colors for her first eyeshadow palette inspired by the approach she wished newbies took when entering the Beauty realm.

18 multi-use, highly pigmented and easy to blend eyeshadows.

You can use the shades in the “Color Me Bella” palette as blush, liner, and even contour.

She also added a 5 eyeshadow primers for added pigment underneath shadows or to use alone as liners! As well as an eyeshadow brush set with a few face brushes perfect for beginner makeup enthusiast.

Check out our Instagram for eyeshadow tutorials and more @shopprav

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I am a Bronx native and Beauty Influencer by the name of “Naturally Bella”. I’ve always felt I didn’t see enough people that looked like Me at school, My neighborhood, Youtube, but more specifically after entering the Beauty realm as a Beauty influencer. After about a year of creating content for a few household names and widening my influence I decided to launch my very own Beauty brand.

I created my highly sought after #story-torealz, where I aid the novice beauty enthusiasts with their struggles by showing them in real-time - how to fill-in your brows, apply concealer and foundation.

I really want to show people that makeup is not to hide anything, but to enhance your Naturally Beauty” - Naturally Bella