Lip makeup guide to lip contour

How to contour your lips

Ahhh, the power of makeup… who really needs lip injections when you can just apply some techniques you learned in elementary school to your makeup routine, lol. Yup, didn’t even know Art would play a role in your life for date night, graduation or just a night out with the girls.

Using a couple shades within the same shade range can really help add or take away from any and every facial or body feature.

Today, we’re focusing on the lips.

Want a FULL pouty lip? Follow our guide below to get irresistible lips. 

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Contour like a Pro with this step-by-step lip contour guide 

Step 1 PREP: Exfoliate lips with a warm damp towel and sugar, then blot with a little lip balm.
Step 2 PRIME: Add some foundation or concealer all over lips to create a blank canvas.
Step 3 DEFINE: Draw an X at the cupid’s bow and outline the lips, try not to go too far outside your natural lip line. Make sure they’re even and symmetrical.
Step 4 FILL: Connect your liner at the corners and fill the lips with liner. Apply your darker, matching lip shade all over.
Step 5 HIGHLIGHT: Using a lipstick in a Nude shade like our Concrete Rose or Naturalle, dab it onto the center of lips and blend out with your finger to create the illusion of a fuller pout.
(Optional) Step 6 CONTOUR: If you want the fuller look, line slightly outside your lips. Check out my 10 second lip contour tutorial on our instagram 





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