How to apply eyelashes in 5 easy steps

How to apply eyelashes in 5 easy steps

Out of all the things Beauty I’ve taught myself, how to apply lashes was the most annoying, and frustrating. It is one of the main reasons why I chose the two lash adhesives I have here at PRAV. Not to toot my own horn about these two but, uh TOOT, TOOT!

Liquid eyeliner lash adhesive pen
2-in-1 brush-on lash adhesive ( 2 toned) $12


How to apply strip eyelashes like a Pro!

Step 1: Add a layer of mascara to your natural lashes, coating each lash. Remove lashes from their tray by pressing down and gently pulling out the lashes with the pads of your finger 

Step 2 : Mold the lash by gently pulling the corners back and forth, from right to left or vice versa

Step 3 : Look straight into a mirror or down into a mirror to properly Measure the lash against your natural lash line, placing the lash in the middle of the lash line (where your iris is) making sure not to have the lash over-extended past the tear duct (inner corner of eye) 

Step 4: Cut off any excess lash extending past the outer corner of the lash line (outer corner of eye)

Step 5: Apply your liner of choice oLine your lash line with your lash glue, and apply your lash in the same manner you did in Step 3 to measure. 

💡Be sure to check that the lash is adhered well in common problem areas like your inner lash line, middle of the lash line and the outer corner. 

💡Be sure to look straight into a mirror not so close so that you can see if the lashes are on evenly. The most common issue I see is the right eye goes on great and the left one goes on a little lower. In most cases you can just pull the lash towards your inner eye area a little and it should be perfect .

And, you’re done! It’s that simple!

Check out our beginner friendly eyelash tutorial for a visual. 



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